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Office Unloading Crew  -- Most Unloaders meet at stage at 10:50 a.m. to begin tear-down; Water Stop heads to office after last runner passes

Tear-down of start line and Team Zone will begin immediately following the start. Pack cars with flags, fencing, GOTR tables (NOT RENTAL TABLES) and head to office at 46th and F Street. Natalie will let unloaders into building, where they will bring equipment, organize and put back in place.

Items to organize in Race Room:

  • Roll feather flags and put in corresponding holder
  • Put feather flag hardware (poles) in bags and place on shelves
  • Roll fencing tightly (this works best in the hallway) and put in closet. 
  • Load leftover water in far corner of office by T-shirts
  • Put all vests in one or two bins
  • Place orange traffic flags on shelf
  • Put fencing poles and/or poly-posts into garbage cans in corner of Race Room
  • Organize banners and sort like with like, e.g. all "Parking -- head to 42nd Street" signs together and roll up. 
  • Place banners on top of Shelving Row 3