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WATER STOP  -- CHECK IN by 9:45 a.m.

  • Water Stop located on road near at W Wilkins St. and NW 45th St.
  • Maintain a supply of small cups filled with water. PRE-FILL PLENTY OF CUPS.
  • Hand cups to runners as they pass by. WATER CREW SHOULD STAND IN FRONT OF TABLE to distribute cups. Runners will drop empty cups on the ground or nearby trash.
  • Keep the tables full of pre-filled cups. You won’t have time to fill cups as runners arrive.
  • DON'T LET GIRLS POUR WATER ON THEIR HEADS. It is going to be a HOT DAY and we need to ensure there is water for everyone TO DRINK.
  • Water Stop volunteers must keep Water Stop safe for runners, pick up and bag all cups and water bottles after the run, and restore the area to pre-event condition.
  • Tear down all water stop equipment, place in car and drop off at GOTR office.