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GOTR-Nebraska Spring Regional GOTR 5Ks Are Canceled

Girls on the Run of Nebraska has canceled all spring regional GOTR 5Ks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The spring 2020 Greater Nebraska season of programming has shifted to GOTR at Home. 

We will follow school district/school policies on local programming until further notice.


Every GOTR Girl Needs Adult Run Buddy at 5K

Every GOTR girl on the course must be accompanied by a registered Run Buddy to encourage her every step of the way. The Run Buddy is a key source of support and safety for a GOTR girl. A Run Buddy is designated by the parents to run with and encourage their GOTR girl from start to finish on the 5K trail. It can be a parent, family friend or sibling (minimum age 18), a teacher at her school – anyone you think will be a positive-minded 5K partner on the course with her. Run Buddies may accompany up to two girls on the course.

Being a Run Buddy at the GOTR 5K is a fun and gratifying experience. A Run Buddy helps ensure a GOTR girl’s safety at this large event and motivates her to do her very best. Sharing the 5K experience with a GOTR girl is an uplifting and unforgettable experience for both participants. It’s a great opportunity for a GOTR girl and her parent, mentor or friend to bond.

Online registrations are accepted until one month before the event. Sign up early to get the lowest entry fees and guarantee your GOTR-branded souvenir.

What to Expect at a GOTR 5K

  • There will be a large crowd. The GOTR-Nebraska 5Ks range in size from 300 to 2,000 runners on the course. There are always lots of spectators and up to 100 volunteers. In-bound traffic to many regional 5Ks is heavy, so plan accordingly. Directions on venue location, arrival time, parking, team huddles will be sent to you via email. Please follow the instructions that are given to you to ensure the smoothest experience.
  • Enjoy the atmosphere. Unlike many 5Ks, where you just show up and run, the GOTR 5K is a party celebrating the hard work of all the girls. Pre-race time is for signing shirts, painting hair at Happy Hair Station, warming up with their teams and having fun. 
  • Pace yourself on the course. Girls and Run Buddies of all running abilities are welcome at the GOTR 5Ks. Avoid sprinting at the start and run your own 5K instead and maintain a steady pace. There will be many walkers on the route -- please be gracious to everyone. It’s OK to run faster later on in the race, but your experience will be much more pleasant and you’ll get to the finish faster if you don't sprint early on.
  • Hydrate. There will be water near the 1.5-mile mark and at the finish line. Carry a water bottle with you if you'll need more water.

5K Etiquette -- Helpful Hints for First-Timers

  • Like any road race, it will be crowded at the start. It takes a while for the crowd to thin out. Be patient and move forward as best you can. It may take you several minutes before you reach the official “starting line” and that’s OK.
  • Do not push or shove runners out of your way.
  • Be aware of other runners.
  • Just like driving, stay to the right and pass on the left.
  • Enjoy the experience and don’t be afraid to interact with other runners.
  • As you pass the water station, grab some water from the table or the outstretched hand of a volunteer and keep moving. Try to toss the cup to the side of the race route so runners behind you don’t have to run through an obstacle course of crushed cups.
  • As you approach the finish line, some runners will kick it up a notch. Be aware of runners coming up behind you as you approach the finish chute. While it’s not acceptable to push someone out of the way, passing up until the last moment is expected.
  • At the finish line, there will be food and water provided. Please move through the line then find a place out of the way of the finish area to clear the area for the runners coming behind you.
  • Find a place to cheer on the remaining runners.

Thank the volunteers as you pass them. This event isn't possible without them. Also acknowledge police officers and other people who are directing traffic as they’re working to keep you safe.

Frequently Asked Questions About the GOTR 5K

Do you put on your own 5K race for GOTR girls? Can anyone participate? GOTR-Nebraska presents at least one GOTR-affiliated 5K each season. Current GOTR participants may enter this event with a separate registration and entry fee. The GOTR 5K entry fee is not included in the program tuition. Regional GOTR 5Ks outside the metro region are open to the public. The number of non-GOTR participants at the 5Ks is limited and entries are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Proceeds underwrite 5K expenses and support Girls on the Run of Nebraska programming. The 5Ks are one of the organization’s primary fundraisers. No unregistered participants are allowed on the course for safety and liability reasons.

Can I run with my daughter? Yes. Every girl must be accompanied on the 5K course by a registered Run Buddy. You must be a registered participant with a race bib. In the running community, people that jump in along the trail with no official registration are known as “bandits.” A lot of expense goes into hosting a 5K. Jumping in without registering amounts to theft of services. More importantly, those with no signed waiver put GOTR-Nebraska at considerable liability risk. Finally, space on the trail is a consideration for safety and supply purposes so it’s important that we’re able to regulate the number of participants on the course.

Does my GOTR girl have to run the whole thing? Each girl runs or walks her own race at her own pace. Some will run part of the race and take walk breaks along the way. Others might walk the whole race. Girls are encouraged to “run their own race,” whether they’re out to set a personal record or enjoy the scenery and camaraderie.

How long will it take? Pace varies among girls. Those who walk the entire distance will finish in about an hour. The quickest runners finish in fewer than 25 minutes. Most girls complete the course with a combination of running and walking and generally finish in 35 to 45 minutes.

How should I prepare for the GOTR 5K? No matter what 5K you enter, you should establish your objectives for the day as 1) finishing the 5K and 2) enjoying the experience. The GOTR 5K is NOT about how fast you can run. It’s about setting a goal and seeing it to the finish.

Does GOTR offer Chip Timing at the GOTR 5Ks? No. The GOTR 5Ks are not timed events. The 5K celebrations are fun runs to showcase every GOTR participant's hard work during the season.